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@EquilibriumCHH Aug 26, 13:09

Welcome to the lovely Aniko! She will be offering hypnotherapy for quitting smoking and weight management from Sept

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 21, 09:01

The prone plank is a great exercise to train your entire core.

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 18, 05:35

Poor posture? This works!!!

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 17, 11:01

Chiropractors adjust the spine and to return the body back to a state of normal function

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 10, 20:20

Looking for a very gentle approach? Try NSA!

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 05, 19:03

It turns out, sitting is really, really bad for you. So get up and walk around, OK?

@EquilibriumCHH Aug 05, 00:20

Clinic closed? Book online. It's so easy!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 31, 20:02

talk to us about how to set up your desk

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 30, 20:20

Looking for a very gentle approach? Try NSA!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 28, 22:03

One of the most essential exercises made easy.

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 27, 20:02


@EquilibriumCHH Jul 25, 19:55

Go t a headache?

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 23, 20:01

What Research Shows About Chiropractic

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 23, 00:03

"Stir the pot" is a great exercise for core stability and balance training.

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 22, 12:20

Clinic closed? Book online. It's so easy!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 22, 09:03

A 3 minute video explaining the brain, body and spine connection.

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 21, 20:20

Clinic closed? Try our online booking system - it's really easy!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 21, 09:05

A short history of chiropractic

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 19, 13:45

One for all the riders out there....

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 19, 10:03

Health is your foundation

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 17, 17:50

Enjoy a foot massage? Try this unique approach! Available now at Equilibrium

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 17, 14:10

We offer food allergy testing, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, hypnotherapy, CBT, counselling & acupuncture

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 16, 20:03

40 Advantages of Meditation.

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 15, 20:10

Pain getting you down?

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 15, 17:05

Have you tried our great online booking system out? Great for out of hours!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 15, 12:20

Emma is open for bookings!!

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 15, 07:50

using a lapt op?

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 15, 07:50

using a laptop?

@EquilibriumCHH Jul 14, 23:11

Better get calling!!!


We offer Chiropractic, McTimoney Chiropractic, Massage, Counselling, CBT,Pregnancy and Fertility service, Food Allergy Testing, Five Elements Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Therapy and more!

OUR MISSION is to provide quality holistic care and serve patients to the highest standards. We practise with commitment, purpose, honesty and passion.

OUR GOAL is to enhance our patient's health so they can live their life to the fullest potential.


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