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@EquilibriumCHH Oct 26, 19:01

It is necessary to do whatever you can to keep your immune system working properly.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 25, 07:25

Stoptober! Want to become a non-smoker this month? 20% off Stop-smoking hypnotherapy!!

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 24, 07:01

We are here ​to actively engage and assist people to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.…

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 23, 18:18

If you want to improve your diet, the simplest way is to avoid processed or prepackaged foods.…

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 22, 20:01

Chiropractic cares about your health and wellness.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 21, 15:01

The words you use with your children becomes their inner voice.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 20, 21:01

A 3 minute video explaining the brain, body and spine connection.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 11, 19:25

Stoptober! Want to become a non-smoker this month? 20% off Stop-smoking hypnotherapy!!

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 07, 20:01

Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 06, 20:01

Consult your chiropractor to ensure to that your spine and joints are properly aligned.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 05, 20:10

If things aren’t moving the way they should, it could have a negative impact on function.

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 05, 15:01

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to help cardiovascular,joint & skin health & improve mood

@EquilibriumCHH Oct 01, 19:10

Stoptober! Want to become a non-smoker this month? 20% off Stop-smoking hypnotherapy!!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 30, 17:03

You can make time for wellness now or you can make time for sickness later.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 29, 07:30

Talk to us about doing some yoga! This is a great class for easing sciatica!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 28, 07:25

Get that hip function sorted!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 27, 08:01

Regenerate with food free from toxins and full of nutrients.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 25, 19:23

If we give you the all clear for yoga, this is a great class!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 25, 19:02

The only person who can keep you healthy is YOU.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 24, 22:01

One of the most essential exercises made easy.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 24, 20:01

Chronic stress dampens your immune system. An effective ways to cope is exercising.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 23, 15:53

Congratulations to our lovely chiropractor Victoria on her marriage yesterday!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 23, 00:02

Clinic closed for Victoria's wedding; due to a "user error" phone not forwarding -call mobile if you need anything today! 07811133170 Anna

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 21, 07:20

Want to quit the evil weed? Try our stop smoking hypnotherapy with Aniko!

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 15, 19:40

How's your psoas?

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 14, 18:02

"Stir the pot" is a great exercise for core stability and balance training.

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 13, 20:01

“On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 02, 21:01

Sure, sugar looks innocent, but it's an inflammation bomb. Eat too much of it-that's 24 daily g for women, 36...

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 02, 14:03

Allow your body to function at an optimum level. #Chiropractic

@EquilibriumCHH Sep 01, 19:01

You are limitless. Pristine. Glorious.


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